The 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings In The World

1. Garrard 18-carat Blue Sapphire White Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Price: $500, 000

This precious ring is Blue Sapphire White Diamond. It is one of the best wedding rings ever and it is given to Kate Middleton by Prince William. It was worn by Princess Diana on her wedding day to Prince William’s father, Prince Charles.

Costs roughly $500, 000, it is featuring the 12-carat sapphire and surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds. Imagine how precious is the design and the material used for this special engagement ring. Blue Sapphire might be one of the popular engagement rings since it has historical value and it is also cost so expensive.

The extravagant symbol of the Blue Sapphire gives luxurious touch for the special lady who wear it on her finger and lucky Kate Middleton to have it. Prince William doesn’t need to buy engagement ring with sophistication touch since he has this Blue Sapphire as his heirloom from her mother, Princess Diana. A price is worth so high but for the the Royal Family, it’s priceless.

2. Argyle Jewellers Pink Pear-Cut Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Price: $2.5 million

In 2010, the Pop Star Enrique Iglesias gave Anna Kournikova this sophisticated ring, Argyle Jewellers Pink Pear-Cut for their engagement. After the 8 years of dating time, it is worth waiting; Argyle Jewellers pink pear-cut ring with sophisticated 11 carat natural pink stone which is flanked on either side with two Trillian stones. And it will be one of the best wedding ever as you see it.

The enchanting pink pear-cut diamond and the Trillian stones has its sophisticated wedding ring styles that worth estimated for $2.5 million. It is not a small number, but no wonder, that is the suitable price for such a enchanting and adorable design of engagement ring that designed by Argyle Jewellers in Queensland,  Australia. The unique design of the diamond brings out another priceless value for a special woman.

Unfortunately this couple broke up after 3 years of the engagement. But the paparazzi caught them together again in Miami in the beginning of this year. Oh well, will the beautiful Pink Pear-Cut lasts forver in Anna Kournikova’s finger?

3. Fred Leighton Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Price: $2.5 million

Fred Leighton is well know with its extraordinary vintage style and collectible jewels. Many people adore its vintage style in luxurious yet elegant design. Fred Leighton Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring is a special ring, even one of the best wedding rings ever, that given to Catherine Zeta Jones by her husband, Michael Douglas on 31st December 1999.

This ring is surely not one of affordable wedding rings for common people, but with 10 carat diamond set horizontally with 28 smaller stones places around it, $2.5 million is worth it. Besides, this enchanting vintage ring has a 1920s vibe which makes it so special.

Michale Douglas and Chaterine Zeta Jones got married in November 2000, it takes only 1 year after their engagement in 1999. And now Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas became one of the strongest couples from Hollywood, it must be involving the eternity of the Fred Leighton vintage diamond. If you are looking for cheap engagement rings for women, you have to think twice. Something special is sometimes priceless, it means, it is worth to fight for something unreplaceable in your life.

4. Lesotho III Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Price: $2.6 million

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was the wife of the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. As the first lady, she was well known with her astounding jewels collection. She received Lesotho III 40.42 carat rough diamond ring from her second husband, Aristotle Onassis. The special diamond that one of only 16 cuts from a 601 carat rough diamond was brought from South Africa. The awesome cut and the sophisticated design makes this ring one of the best wedding rings ever.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis married to Greek Argentine shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis after Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 and they stayed married until Aristotle’s death in 1975. A life will be ended but the eternity of diamond will lasts even after the owner die.

If you are keen on unique diamond rings, Lesotho III Diamond might be your favorite too. Unfortunately, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis only won the ring twice in her life, it is locked in a bank vault in New York.

5. Graff Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Price: $3 million

One of the best wedding rings ever is Graff Emerald-Cut Diamond ring that worth $3.0 million. This adorable ring is given to Slovenian former model Melania Knauss from her husband, the American Business magnate, Donald Trump. They got married in January 22, 2005 after one year of the engagement.

There is a curious fact about thi gorgeous ring, that it is one of the discount diamond rings because it was purchased at a 50% discount, in exchange for free publicity. What a privilege with special offer from the expensive House of Graff in London for the Trump. And the Graff Company got a lot of publicity during the engagement and the wedding.

Graff Emerald-Cut Diamond is definitely not one of the cheap wedding rings, the diamond cut and the gorgeous design worth more. But for the special future wife to be your eternal partner in life, it is worth for special cut diamond with adorable design to impress and prove her that she is the only one in your life.

6. Neil Lane Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Price: $4 million

Feeling too plain to have the ordinary shimmering light of a diamond used as the best wedding rings ever? Please help yourself to find Neil Lane Blue Diamond Engagement Ring if you could not help the situation. This is real! Neil Lane always try to have breakthrough, and this happens since the prior times.

However, this should not be one of your lists of wedding rings if you wanted to look for inexpensive wedding rings. This ring offers you really good time of luxury as it wraps your finger perfectly at your engagement. Picture this: you will be speechless as you heard your only one asked if you would marry him, and you will be speechless even more at the time when you have this ring on your finger!

The selection of the blue diamond for this ring is that the fact that the color of blue represents a new beginning and also protection. That would be the perfect combination for your cruise ahead with your fiancee! However, you will have to prepare approximately $4.0 million as this is not listed as one of the cheap wedding rings sets surely!

7. Cartier Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Price: $4.06 million

History definitely says a lot about what is seen now, as we recall the romance of Princess Grace Kelly love life. What we shall not forget is the Cartier Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring as one of the best wedding rings ever used by such a pretty lady. Could you ever picture yourself to wear the long-lasting ring?

As it has rich taste of history inside, we have to accept the fact that it would have never been one of the engagement rings for women who live in casual way. Why? It is surely because this ring is totally great looking and everyone would die for wearing such ring! The historic value of this ring can also be tracked from several exhibition held in Tokyo and the US which motivated many people to come and see.

Regarding all of the historical value for this ring, it just needs a blink of an eye that this is definitely not one of the cheap rings for women. The only exception is that your very next husband would have his sweat all over his body to work real hard to earn this for his lovely future wife!

8. Gold Diamond-Encrusted Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Price: $5 million

To discuss about the best wedding rings ever in this very life cannot be far from the existence of the gold, as Gold Diamond-Encrusted Engagement Ring presents before your eyes. The best suggestion would be to cover your eyes for its glimmering shine, because you have the double attack, both from the gold and the encrusted diamond! Can you ever imagine how much it costs? Be ready… It’s about $5 million!

After knowing the exact price, maybe there will be no cheap wedding bands for women as the ring’s adornment. It is because it will be too shameful! Not mentioning about how luxurious is this ring, but everyone deserves to have the very moment of their own as great as it could be, don’t you think?

One thing that is so much interesting about this ring beside the presence of the two gorgeous stones in the world on the same ring is the fact that the way that it is made in encrusted style. Well, no wonder if this ring would never be one of the elements in cheap wedding sets!

9. Lorraine Schwartz Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Price: $5 million

Beyonce is one of the lucky lady with Lorraine Schwartz Platinum Ring on her finger when Jay-Z proposed to her. One of the best wedding rings is on Bey’s finger as she says “I do” in her wedding to Jay-Z in April 2008. We can say that Jay-Z must be adore her so much that he took Beyonce’s lyric to heart and put a ring on it.

Weighing in at 18 carats of Octagon-cut flawless diamond surrounded by small white diamonds, it is estimated that the ring is around $5 million for the cost. That is totally not cheap engagement rings for such a queen like Beyonce that she is on the second position for most expensive celebrity engagement ring.

It should come as no surprise anymore that Beyonce herself totes one of the world’s highest valued diamonds with Lorraine Schwartz Platinum Diamond ring on her finger and that shining diamond is telling your eyes not to making any direct contact with it.

10. Asscher-Cut Krupp Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Price: $8.8 million

Now please welcome another one of the best wedding rings ever as so called Asscher-Cut Krupp Diamond Engagement Ring, or what many people also know as Elizabeth Taylor ring. Yes, she was the luckiest person on earth to have this ring as her husband, Burton, gave her this ring after five years of marriage. Although she was married to several men before Burton, the beauty of the ring shall remains in everybody’s heart!

No other word describes this ring except rich. This ring is definitely rich in taste, but it demands you to be rich as well for it costs approximately $8.8 million! That is not a small amount for a ring, but the beauty puts this ring on the level of overstock engagement rings. The Krupp diamond is the ultimate kind of a diamond should be.

The next thing you have to do after the engagement is surely to plan a wedding to come, isn’t it? By then, you will have to find several needs, but you shall not have the cheap bridal sets since you will be the next Taylor-Burton rich and famous generation!

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