Mesmerizing Frozen Water Spotted Throughout the World

Who would have ever thought that frozen water could be so much more interesting than any other thing in this very world? By this chance, we are going to travel around the world to see the mesmerizing frozen water that could make you stand still and speechless. Instead of the coldness, you will sense the everlasting beauty of a lifetime which, of course, you can see in certain periods of time of a year. Prepare yourself to witness the real magic happens in very soon!

There are lots of frozen water pictures that we have seen, but the following ones are special or more than special. They are extraordinary yet mesmerizing frozen water. What makes them special is the fact that the frozen water molecules are taking part beautifully. So, it’s not just a common frozen pond like what you have in your backyard during the winter.

The first one to spot is the frozen lake water in Canada. The look of the Abraham Lake during the coldest season is just beyond mesmerizing frozen water. It’s hard to not adore the lake because the bubbles there are too cute to forget. Another lake which could make such mesmerizing frozen water is the Baikal Lake. The lake of Russia here becomes the most beautiful frozen lake on the land of Europe for having the sense of emerald stones by the ice above the lake. The dazzling ice from the sunlight explains all of its beauty. It deserves to be named the fancy and mesmerizing frozen water.

Now we are going to the continent of Asia, where you could find one bluest pond during the winter, and above all, the pond deserves to be the mesmerizing frozen water as well. The leafless trees covered in white snow are reflected nicely on the frozen pond. By having the calmest frozen water like this one, you would not need any frozen waterfall because the mesmerizing frozen water of Japan ponds would be more than enough!

Switzerland also has one great spot happened to become the mesmerizing frozen water during the winter. Its random shapes of the surface bring different sense of frozen river that you could not resist its beauty. Another geometric frozen water is spotted in Oregon and it becomes mesmerizing frozen water on the universe.

#1 Emerald Ice On Baikal Lake, Russia

#2 Ice Rider In Siberia, Russia

#3 Bubbles Under The Ice Of Abraham Lake, Canada

#4 Pond In Switzerland

#5 Blue Pond In Japan

#6 Lake Druzhby In Antarctica

#7 Frost Flowers In The Arctic Ocean

#8 Bubbles In The Ice Of Abraham Lake In Canada

#9 Frozen Pond

#10 Baikal Lake In Russia