Hidden Mickey Mouse Finally Shown! Have You Guessed It?

The task of finding the hidden Mickey Mouse in some parts of Disney movies has finally ended. The hidden Mickey Mouse can be traced from the old to the new Disney movies. Be patient, we are going to see how the hidden Mickey Mouse is finally revealed and uncovered. Although it is a fun task for the Disney fans, many demand this big company of entertainment to tell which movie has the indication of hidden Mickey. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s find out!

The first movie to discuss containing the hidden Mickey Mouse pictures is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The scene is exactly when one of the Dwarfs had bubbly hiccups. The bubbles there depict Mickey’s head which is easily seen from the rounded bubbles! Well, although hidden Mickey Mouse pictures here are not real (creating silhouettes only), a truly Disney fan must know it at the first place!

The next hidden Mickey Mouse is found in one of the greatest Disney movies presenting a mother fairy; Cinderella. The case is similar to the previous movie we have just talked about, but this time it’s not a hiccup. The hidden Mickey Mouse is depicted through the bubbles created from the soap when Cinderella mopped the floor. 

Another silhouette of hidden Mickey in Disney movie would be in the Lilo & Stitch movie. The hidden Mickey Mouse is on the scene when Lilo taught Stitch how to dance in a proper way. They were in the market and the arrangement of the fruits behind them is in the shape of, again, the Mickey’s head!

Enough for the hidden Mickey Mouse in silhouttes, now we will talk about the real one. Starting from a Disney movie entitled The Rescuers. This movie shows the hidden Mickey Mouse by the red watch hanging on the inside part of the box. Another hidden Mickey in Disney pictures also happens in Wreck-It Ralph movie. The scene is where two boys were cycling and there was this huge banner with a picture of Mickey Mouse! What a clever way to put hidden Mickey Mouse, isn’t it?

Well, do you think there are any quest of other hidden Disney character after the hidden Mickey Mouse is now revealed?

Beauty and the Beast

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Rescuers

Wreck-It Ralph


Lilo & Stitch

A Goofy Movie


The Lion King

Oliver & Company



The Little Mermaid