Empty Street in London: Magnificent!

An empty street will no longer be creepy when you see these pictures of empty road in several spots in London. It happened during Christmas day when the photographer took his bike down to the streets of London. It was in the earliest morning where the busy bees are still inside their warm and comfortable blankets. All of the pictures are taken in an empty street, yet different ones. The reason of being so empty is the fact that there is the empty traffic and not even a single vehicle is passing its way through the street. He knows what it takes to make an empty street becomes nicely seen in such a way.

It is very uncommon to see an empty crossroad street like Putney High Street to be so true. The photo was taken from the center section of the street and capturing the moment of an empty street. Even one of the busiest place in London like Piccadilly Circus has been proven to be so quiet and it gives a good picture of an empty boulevard. Although the lights of the advertisement boxes are still on, they do not reduce the beauty of silence; the most important thing which we all demand from an empty street. There was the absence of sound and we took the whole London down under the silence!

An empty street captures the silence, that it can capture your very moment of the flying birds in the King’s Road and befriend with the universe for a moment. The sensation of Christmas time also adds the sincerity of an empty street to take one short break before the busy citizens start stepping down on it again. It is a chance for you to enjoy the street without traffic jam like it used to happen in the street tunnels.

London street in the morning turns out to be silently beautiful. During the ordinary days, we will never be aware. But while the empty street is calling, we know that it will be a good time to have all day long. The combination of the Christmas Day and the empty street of London should be in everyone’s agenda then!

King’s Road

Palace of Westminster

Millennium Bridge & St Paul’s Cathedral

Oxford Street

Piccadilly Circus

Putney Bridge

China Town, Soho

Trafalgar Square