Beautiful Photos of a Family in Last Two Centuries Back-to-back

Beautiful photos of the family should be kept until the world ends. It is to recall the memory of good old times of the family, or even just to create some particularly similar photos compared to the current time. It is done perfectly by a female photographer which happens to have complete albums containing some beautiful photos of her ancestors.

The idea to recreate the beautiful photos of her ancestors by putting her as the model (of course, because it was her family) came by the time her mother gave her an old dress which was worn by her mother at the same age as she is now. Surprisingly, the dress fits her body very well and she takes some adorable photos with the dress. Of course she compared them to the beautiful photos of her mother back then when she was wearing the dress. Then, she asked her mother to collect the old photo of the family. It turns out that the reason behind this request is to recreate those beautiful old photos.

One of the beautiful photos successfully collected is a picture of her great-great-great-grandmother who was born in the year of 1821.

The old and beautiful lady photo depicted an old lady in a typically 19th century dress. The color of the photo is already washed but the photographer has tried to manage the first photo to be successfully taken. There go other beautiful photos of old times which are taken in current time. She continued to take the beautiful photos from her great-great-grandmother, then to her great-grandmother; people in her family who were born in 19th century.

What should be underlined is this next beautiful girl photo; one of the beautiful photos of her grandmother who was born in 20th century. Her grandmother was the last second of her previous generation that she could try to recreate the picture.

The photo is so beautiful because her grandmother was smiling so wide, and so is she in the recreated the beautiful photos which she made.

The epic photo is the latest old photo of her mother. Like mother, like daughter. Nothing could describe the beautiful photos like what the photographer did through her desire of recalling the photos of the family members of the family. Great job!

Me (born 1981)

My great-great-great-grandmother Martha (born 1821) and me

My great-great-grandmother Jane (1858) and me

My great-grandmother Attie Mae (1898) and me

My Grandmother Mildred (1928) and me

My Mother Kathryn (1957) and me